About us

Welcome to the website of our e-shop www.Smart3D.cz

Our company was founded in 1999. From the beginning, we specialized in the sale and service of computer technology, the supply of software and the management of data networks. Subsequently, we became a local internet provider via WiFi and optical cables.

We came to 3D printing technology through the hobby of aircraft modeling. And with printing, of course, came the need for material for 3D printing. Despite the initial sale in groups on FB, we got to the launch of our e-shop, which happened on 8/8/2017.

In our e-shop, we strive for the widest possible range of materials, from basic "economic" ranges to professional industrial "industry" materials.

We also specialize in offering 2.Q materials. and transitions that occur during production and, for example, combine 2 colors on one spool...

Our motto is: "Fair material at a fair price"

Thank you and we look forward to your purchase.