We are moving to a new platform

Here at the e-shop www.Smart3D.cz, we try to constantly follow the latest trends.

And not only in the field of 3D printing, but also in the field of e-shop solutions. Therefore, after a careful selection, we decided on the very dynamic platform UPGATES, which will replace our previous system Eshop-rychle.cz

In the future, you can come across a much wider range of transports to nearby and more distant countries in our system. Customers - VAT payers - from other EU member states can find with us the possibility of verifying the VAT number (TIN, VAT ID) in the international VIES system and subsequent purchase at 0% VAT without having to wait for a manually edited document.

At the same time, our system will grow to include other currencies and languages...

And all this thanks to the UPGATES platform...

But even though we have devoted a lot of time to the transition to the new system, many hours of testing, of course everything will be verified only by sharp commitment and daily operation, and therefore we are asking for your cooperation - if something does not work as it should, there will be something missing, your discounts will not work coupons, just anything - please don't hesitate to contact us!

We transferred the existing user accounts to the UPGATES system, but unfortunately the document archive cannot be transferred in this way. For these cases, for the next few months we will still be operating the original form of the e-shop (of course without the possibility of shopping) at this address: https://1725198359.s1.eshop-rychle.cz/

Please request a new password to be sent to your user accounts for the first time. We apologize for these minor complications